Slip and fall

Welcome!! This project is about a year in the making, and I have great hopes for it.  The nutrition world can be dizzying at times so I will shed some light on research, lifestyle books, current trends and general healthy eating. I hope to simplify this information for you using the knowledge I have learned. This page will provide insight and strategies for a healthy relationship with food. There will be exercise information as well because a healthy and happy life must include both of these elements. Feel free to follow along and ask any questions you may have!!

My third New Year’s Day with Carver and it was even better than the previous two. We had a very nice day lounging around the apartment. We didn’t have to do very much today because we were very productive during the last two days of 2010: cooking a batch of chili and cookies and cleaning the apartment. Having healthy quick fix meals, leftovers and snacks in the apartment makes a huge difference. Another thing that works wonders at reducing my stress level- a clean apartment. For me it doesn’t have to be OCD-clean, but surfaces dusted, counters/tables cleaned, you know… the basics.

While reflecting on 2010, I had focused on my shortcomings and what I should have done or could have done better. I’m a perfectionist at heart, a very dangerous disposition for someone like me who is far from perfect. Carver sat quietly listening to me groan feeling sorry for myself and said, “People slip and fall…” to which I just stared. Dumbfounded. He does that to me sometimes, crashes my pity party with some bit of wisdom bordering on optimism… So I am conceding his point… We slip and fall and then there are two options as you know: Stand up or stay down. So take the New Year’s energy and milk it for all you can… STAND and keep working toward your goals, no matter how far away you feel.

Today’s Food Journal

Breakfast: 1c oatmeal, 1T dried cranberries, 1t shredded coconut

Lunch: 3/4c turkey chili, 1T sour cream, 2 small chocolate chip cookies, 1 diet coke

Dinner: 1c whole wheat pasta, 1/2c mushrooms, 1/4c artichoke hearts, 1/2c pasta sauce, 1/2 garlic ciabatta, 1 glass champagne

Snacks: 1 medium banana, 1/4 orange, 1c black tea, 2 dark chocolate squares, 1 apple


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