Preparing for the week ahead

So it’s Sunday, and if you read yesterday’s post I mentioned that today is my day for baking and cooking. It is a bit of a marathon – or maybe two sprints in one day?? I often find I need a nap midday. But don’t get discouraged!! I tend to go a little overboard on Sundays – it’s my favorite day of the week and it is filled with some of my favorite things so it is bound to happen. On today’s agenda:

  • Make a loaf of bread (sandwiches/toast, etc for the week)
  • Make a batch of muffins (cook half, freeze half)
  • Make something sweet (cook half, freeze half)
  • Prepare fresh herbs for use (rinse, dry then place in a plastic sealed bag for storage)
  • Weekly Cleaning (Dust, Vacuum, Mop, Scrub/Disinfect: Sinks, Shower, Counters; Wipe down appliances; Change/Wash sheets)
  • Monthly Cleaning (Wipe down & disinfect: stove burners, waste baskets, doorknobs, cabinets, microwave; Dust moldings)
  • Log expenses Jan 1-15 (super important but not the most fun project today)
  • Review and update planner for week

I know many people would be horrified to do that much on a Sunday – but a few of the items (expenses and monthly cleaning) don’t happen every week. But the amount of baking is about normal. And while these tasks seem daunting, they aren’t so bad. Start with a nice cup of coffee or tea and a light breakfast and you’re ready to go.

  • My bread recipe takes me 4 hours, start to finish, but involves less than 60 minutes of hands-on time.
  • The muffins are done within an hour, and the herb prep will take less than 10 minutes.
  • The sweet treat varies – but I typically choose something that will take about an hour start to finish.
  • The cleaning is about 90 minutes
  • The weekly planning and the expenses (using my prepared worksheet) take about 20-30 minutes.

I will also jot down my recipes for the week (including what book they came from and page number) on an index card. I will hang the index card in the fridge and cross a recipe off as I have made it – that way I know what else I have available to me. Also I will prepackage a few days worth of snacks. That way when I make lunches in the evening, I don’t have to chop or count – they are ready and waiting for me. For example, I will set aside a few measured out containers of hummus (2T for me, 3T for Carver) and pre-slice some veggies like cucumber and/or peppers and set aside a handful of baby carrots and cherry tomatoes. I also will prepackage any cookies/sweets and the cooked muffins. If I package them in individual bags, then put all of the like treats in a gallon-sized bag it makes the process fast and foolproof. I will typically restock these items and my fresh fruit on Wednesdays. I like to keep a bowl of fresh fruit on our dinner table – by keeping it in plain view it is as if the fruit stares at me and demands my attention. Many times this will keep me out of the kitchen and away from less satisfying snacks. Something to consider…

Todays recipes to follow


2 Comments on “Preparing for the week ahead”

  1. Nicole says:

    Wow I don’t think I could do that much on a Sunday. By about 13:00 I am already thinking about work the next day and wondering whether I should look at my e-mails!

    • Nicole, I certainly understand that!! It is very tempting for me to switch to work mode and often I let myself check emails. But taking a little time on the weekend to prepare and get yourself ready could give you more pleasure and less stress during the week. Both of which can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

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