All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast

I adore breakfast plain and simple. There are few breakfast foods I don’t enjoy. I am not one to sequester breakfast to morning hours only. One of my favorite comfort food is any kind of breakfast for dinner. Breakfast is good for the soul and even better, it can be good for your health. What are you eating for breakfast now? What do you think makes a good breakfast? Do you eat the standard American breakfast of cereal or something typical of your cultural background?? Or maybe you don’t eat breakfast – perhaps because you aren’t hungry that early? Or you don’t like breakfast food? Maybe I can convert you – at least get you thinking about it.

  • Always starving by lunch? There are many possible causes for this. Eating healthy, in my opinion, is a delicate balance between art and science. To succeed involves eating the ‘right’ foods at the right times. It is also important to mix things up, not only for lack of boredom but to ensure you receive a good balance of essential nutrients. So what is the right food and the right time??? The right food is foods that you enjoy, foods that had minimal processing – ‘whole foods’. The right time is usually within an hour of waking, the quantity of food you need will depend on your hunger level.
  • Is your breakfast derailing your plans? Does your breakfast usually come to you in a brown bag while you are running to catch the bus or get to the office? While grabbing food on the run may seem more convenient it can hurt your healthy goals and also pinch your wallet. Bakeries and fast food restaurants are packaging processed food made by layering fat, sodium and sugar into their products. By layering these items companies are increasing their yield, decreasing their costs and intensifying your desire for their product – compounded profits. All their profit leads to increased calories and decreased health of their consumers. Bakery or fast food options should be a last resort and or a special treat.
  • Speedy Breakfasts – Don’t believe you can make a healthy and convenient breakfast? Try one of these options: 1 piece of fruit and a slice of whole grain, high-fiber toast with 2 teaspoons of peanut butter; breakfast sandwich with 1 egg, 1 slice of reduced-fat cheese and lots of veggies on a whole grain english muffin; a smoothie with 1/2 cup nonfat greek yogurt, 1/2c juice, 1 small banana, 4-6 berries and a few ice cubes; 1/2-1c hot cereal with 1/2c fruit and 1/2c skim milk; 1c plain non-fat greek yogurt, 1t honey, 2t nuts, a handful of berries.
  • Breakfast as your ally – We have all heard the stores claiming if you eat a healthy breakfast you are less likely to overeat throughout the day… NEWSFLASH: It’s true!!! Not only do meals and snacks quiet your hunger, but they provide opportunities to supply your body with all the building blocks it needs to succeed and run efficiently. A healthy, well-balanced breakfast just starts your day off on the right foot.

So now what do you do? Stock your refrigerator and pantry with quick go-to items would be my first recommendation. Next, I would make it a point to plan out your breakfasts. This is something I do either over the weekend or the night before. Sometimes this means making a batch of oatmeal and storing it in the refrigerator to be reheated when I need it. Other times it means leaving a muffin on the counter or table with a piece of fruit and an empty glass for milk. If I plan on having a breakfast sandwich I write out exactly what I am going to make it with and will set out the room temperature ingredients on a paper plate with a post it note of instructions. These may seem silly, but they get me a breakfast that I know will hold me over and I don’t have to rush to eat it or make it.

Please give these ideas a try and let us know how you faired!!


Some delicious breakfast recipes

Applesauce Oatmeal

In a small saucepan combine 1c water, 1 pinch salt and bring to a boil. Stir in 1/2c quick cooking oats and cook for 1 minute. Reduce heat to low and stir in 1/2t cinnamon, 1/2t sugar and 4oz unsweetened applesauce– cook for one minute longer. Serve warm. Serves 1. Points Plus: 4

Basic Waffles (Joy of Cooking)

In a large bowl combine 1 3/4c whole wheat flour1T baking powder1T sugar1/2t cinnamon and 1/2t salt. In a large measuring glass whisk together 3 eggs4T butter – melted, 1 1/2c nonfat milk and 1/2t vanilla extract. Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients and pour in the wet. Gently whisk together the ingredients until just combined. Heat your waffle iron and spray with nonstick spray. Spoon the batter on to the iron – I use a large ice cream scoop. My waffle iron is actually a flat skillet with 6 small round forms. This recipe will serve 8 at 3 small waffles per person. Points Plus: 5

If you are making these ahead of time I recommend preheating the oven to 325 and keeping the waffles in the oven until time to serve. To ensure a crispy waffle set a cooling rack on top of a cookie sheet and rest waffles on the rack as seen here: 


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