Quick Notes

I have decided to include the ‘Points Plus’ values on all of the recipes. I  will be doing the same for the meal ideas and snack page later this week. Points Plus is the new program from Weight Watchers, the most changes in several years. As the plan is new and we (WW members) are all trying to get a hang of this, I thought I would share what I have done thus far and wWeight Watchers has been a big part of how I got to where I am and I know a handful of people reading are ‘trackers’ so I wanted to help you out. I got the Points Plus values using e-tools through my subscription, so these are the values I put in my tracker.

Yesterday was my weigh in day… (almost) Every Tuesday around lunch time the scale and I have a date. It may seem tedious or awkward to some, but it is important for me in keeping centered. Technically by WW rules I only have to weigh in once per calendar month, but I enjoy the escape and who knows what would happen if I was left to my own devices for ~4 weeks…. scary scary thoughts. But anyways yesterday was my first weigh in since NYE and vacation and it wasn’t all I wanted it to be but it certainly wasn’t a disaster. I noticed in getting back into the school frame of mind that I was experiencing portion distortion and some excessive B-L-Ts… I used to measure my food out, you know follow what the product listed as a serving size, but lately I was being overly generous in my estimations. And BLTs… those would be ‘Bites, Licks, Tastes. You know all those little things you try through out the day that some how we don’t think of as counting. Well people, bad news.. they do and they count big time. Because ignoring those little BLTs can add up throughout the day/week/month.

I am not perfect, much to my (right brain’s) dismay, and I have not yet mastered incorporating WW as part of my every moment … but my main goal with this project is to share what I have learned and, by teaching/sharing what I know, make it a complete lifestyle. I’m hoping to do the same with respect to other aspects – more to come on that later.

Best wishes for a happy healthy Wednesday

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