winter comfort

Today is going to be my first long day of the semester, not overly busy but it has been awhile since I have had such a long day so I took out the slow cooker this morning. On the menu is a spicy turkey chili (Carver’s favorite chili and already on the recipe page). I browned up the turkey this morning while it dawned on me I could have done that part last night in between my reading assignments… DUH!!! I was off my game last night for some reason and didn’t get the house cleaned up or lunches packed. I was able to get the lunches done this morning but not the cleaning. That will just have to wait until tonight, but that can be our secret. Todays lunches were a meatball sandwich for Carver and a veggie burger for me. I am just feeling the pangs of hunger but I have to be in class for a couple hours so I have enough time to grab a nonfat caffe latte and a banana which should get me until lunch time.

I had a so-so breakfast this morning. So-so because it played by the rules but it didn’t do anything for me. I toasted up one of those sandwich thins (make sure you choose one with the first ingredient as WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR) with 1t margarine and 1T raspberry jelly. Then half a large grapefruit and 1c black tea.

We are almost out of all the processed treats in the apartment which means it will be time to hit the grocery store. I have been reading lots of books for one of my classes and I have finally broken. The processed stuff must go… Low calorie counts or not they aren’t the best choice for us. So that means I will be making the treats myself or we won’t have them in the house. I know it seems a little extreme, but we are going to try it out and Carver is in full agreement. He is a huge fan of my granola and granola bars so those will be shared in time.

I am working on switching over the snack-attack page to a sort of meal cheat sheet page. With lots of meal/snack options separated out and some suggestions for bulking up the meals. Look for that this weekend.

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