slow and steady changes

Today is Tuesday which meant it was weigh-in day and I am happy to report that I am back on the losing end of things. My vacation earlier this month knocked me off my routine and it took a couple weeks to get back to where I was. With this new WW program I have noticed a spur in my weight loss not seen since before I got my lifetime membership (winter 2008). Now that is not to say that I am eating perfectly or exercising 60 minutes per day as I should be but I’m making another set of healthy changes. I have recently cleaned out my refrigerator and cabinets in hopes of really starting fresh. I have lots of foods that tempt me and send me off the deep end. Most of those foods I just will not bring in the house, I won’t eat them anywhere because I know having one is like opening the flood gates. There are other foods I had convinced myself I could handle, but in all actuality they were just as dangerous. I am not completely free and clear right now but I am much closer than I was a week ago. The only highly processed treats/foods in my house right now are: diet coke, veggie burgers, gummy bears, cake mixes, 2-100 cal packs of Lorna Doones, 1.20 boxes of cereal. The diet coke will probably not go away for a long time. That is a pretty substantial habit of ours – which will eventually get so expensive that we will no longer be able to deny the unhealthy aspects. The majority of these items will hopefully go away sooner than later. I have this idea of being somewhere between Julia Child and Martha Stewart but with an R.D. spin – I know that’s a pretty tall order but that’s what we are working towards.

So I have removed trigger foods… Now what? Well now I have to keep those foods out and choose better options. By making the foods I am controlling the ingredients but also I feel more connected to the process. My next challenge will be not eating the batter of all the treats I make – something I know is very unhealthy but I haven’t broken that habit yet. Adequate planning of foods and meals for the week will help keep us from reaching for the easy processed items or take out foods. That means I may have to enlist more help to accomplish these goals. Also helpful in this will be following my routines and sticking to the good health guidelines. By keeping order in the most basic sense the bigger picture gets a little easier and more manageable.

Today I got: 3 veggie servings, 3 fruit servings, 1.5 dairy servings, 2 healthy oil servings, 7 fluid servings and my 1 multivitamin. Not too bad. I got in 30+ minutes of moderate activity which is respectable.  All in all a pretty good day. AND I got my fix for take out with a light beer and a couple slices of homemade veggie/cheese pizza. I listened to my body’s hunger/full servings and I got just enough to cure my itch. Recipe to follow.


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