cabbage salad

I have had a roller coaster week, though it is ending on a very high note. Kyle is staying with us for a few days which will be lots of fun. He is planning on making us dinner one night so I will share photos and recipes as I get them. We made 5 recipes from the Just 5 book this week and we have another 12 recipes planned over the next 10 days. So far we have made: Baby greens with gorgonzola and almonds, Napa-beef slaw with dressing, Simmered Italian-style pork chops, Pasta with chicken sausage and artichokes, and Mussels in spicy garlic broth. Coming up this week: beet salad, broccoli with parmesan and shallots, quinoa with fruit and nuts, roasted tomatoes, bruschetta, chicken and black bean burritos, simmered chicken thighs, fried rice, garlic cream topped filet mignon, lemon sautéed fish, vegetable frittata, and rosemary-balsamic pork. I am planning on making the filet mignon tonight with roasted broccoli, cauliflower and carrots and a side of fettucine hungry girlfredo.

I knew time would be a hot commodity this weekend, so I spent about an hour on Thursday night doing some meal planning and online grocery shopping. I plotted out 10 days worth of food: everything from meals to snacks, and included the points value for each item, and the page number for the recipes all on a grid hanging in my kitchen. For the online grocery shopping, it is a wonderful convenience but it is not without flaws. This delivery wasn’t too bad: minimal bruises on bananas, 30 minutes late, a poorly chosen Napa cabbage and as always the delivery fee. For this weekend, those cons are worth it for the time and energy saved. When the delivery came I looked at my menu plan and froze any protein that I wouldn’t use within 2 days and put everything away. Today I prepped the Napa cabbage and salad ingredients, and made up a batch of applesauce oatmeal. I also sorted my fridge so breakfast items were together and items for each meal were kept together.  On Monday I will prep the carrots for my snacks planned later in the week.

Things have been pretty crazy for my family recently and I have felt a bit stressed as there was not much I could do… or so I thought. I was reviewing my past blog entries and had an aha moment- when the words are hard to find a care package does the trick. So I am going to recruit help from the boys for something small. So look for a how to on care packages in the next couple posts. For now it is back to my project list then making our steakhouse dinner later this evening.

No-Knead 100% Whole Wheat Bread

This bread was decadent, easy and had a perfect moist crumb. You will get 16 slices out of each loaf and it is 3 points plus per slice. It is equally delicious at room temperature and toasted. We did not use it for sandwiches, it was most commonly paired with a cup of coffee, a piece of fruit and a little dab of butter and jam.

Napa Beef Slaw

Whisk together 6T low-fat raspberry vinaigrette with 1/2 medium shallot-chopped in a large bowl. Add 6c chopped Napa cabbage, 2 carrots peeled and diced, 10 cherry tomatoes– halved and toss to coat. Divide among 4 plates and top each evenly with 1 slice roast beef-diced and 2t gorgonzola cheese. Points Plus: 3


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