treatment plan: fun … stat

Aside from the blog update I did yesterday and some cleaning, I spent several hours in front of the computer studying for that infamous exam. A task which is equally important and boring… and possibly the reason I found myself anxiously awaiting Chinese food at 12:40am and not sleeping after our bowling adventure.

Dinner was fantastic: roasted vegetables, filet with a garlic cheese sauce and fake-fredo noodles. Bowling was a blast as well, it was desperately needed.

Steakhouse Dinner

This was a combination of 3 recipes, well four actually. Our favorite way to eat broccoli is roasted with nuts and parmesan cheese. Instead of doing just broccoli, we did a mix of broccoli, carrots and cauliflower. I also added some grated garlic in with olive oil, salt, pepper, and chopped nuts. The noodles are tofu shirataki noodles, alfredo style from Hungry Girl. The filet is courtesy of my Just 5 cookbook. I patted 2 9oz filets dry and coated with salt, pepper and a bit of Mrs. Dash. Then I heated the pan with about 2t olive oil and some nonstick cooking spray. Once the pan was adequately heated I browned the beef on each side (a couple of minutes each) and then set it on a plate to rest- covered with tin foil. I returned the pan to the heat and added 1/2c chicken broth and scraped up the brown bits. I then added in 2 wedges of laughing cow and melted them into the liquid. The beef was topped with this sauce and served alongside the vegetables and noodles. It was a very good dinner and took care of my beef craving. The whole dish had a Points Plus value of 8.


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