it’s been too long

And I’m back … It has been a very atypical week for me, what about you?

Carver was gone for several days, which was very strange. So much of our days involve the other that it was hard for me to motivate myself to do much of anything beyond school and work. I did not even feel like eating or cooking. Then just after midnight on Sunday I entered foodie hell. I had my wisdom teeth removed on Monday morning so I wasn’t able to eat! Go figure, just as my appetite returns the situation changes so I cannot eat. The procedure went very well, considering my love of dental pain and medications. My first go at general anesthesia wasn’t bad and I have yet to feel any real pain. The only down side was the first batch of medication I got when I went home. They were just too much for my body to handle on top of the anesthesia and I had a very hard time keeping any food down. Luckily by about 630 pm I felt great and was able to handle a clear liquid diet. From what I know about other people’s experiences, I won the lottery. Since I made it through day one without any more trouble, I decided to try a soft diet for day two–basically an advance from hell to purgatory. I desperately tried to make them colorful and exciting, and small, but fell short of my goal of meeting my point’s value for the day.

I am now on ‘vacation’ – at other schools it is called ‘Spring Break’ but I really feel like it is just a week of independent study. Just have to keep pushing for two more months and then a much-needed (and well-deserved) break.


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