Move More!

Want to get healthy by moving more? Read on for some easy tips.

Being physically active has many benefits including: more energy, less stress, feeling healthy and weight loss or weight control. How much activity you do and what type should always be discussed with your healthcare provider before starting an exercise regimen. Adding physical activity in your daily life is much easier and has similar health benefits of traditional exercise.

Here are some ways to sneak in activity throughout your day. Cleaning and doing housework are great ways to keep moving and check items off your to-do list. Squeeze in a 10-30 minute walk before breakfast, after dinner, or both. Taking the stairs is a sure fire way to burn some extra calories. Plan in 5 minutes every few hours to take a break and stretch, you will return refreshed and focused. Add a few extra blocks to your daily commute, whether you park further or get off the bus early, and those extra steps will add up. Plan activities to de-stress which keep you moving like going hiking, dancing or sightseeing on foot. Keeping moving throughout your day offers the benefits of exercise and is more manageable than a full exercise regimen.

How will you add in a few extra steps today?

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