my week measured by meals

The To-Do list around here is still a bit excessive, but we have been eating well and trying to keep up on sleep and fun.


As always it’s a matter of balance. In 23 days I will have handed in my last exam, and in 31 days I will be graduating. Somewhere around day 16 I expect being able to update more often. But until then, know that I am keeping on top of things and keeping myself healthy. I have not been able to include everything I want to (regular blogging, planned exercise, etc), but I have still gotten a lot done. This week is a major prep time for me as next week is packed.

Not much wedding planning going on now, but I have started looking for jobs. Last count was 3 applications in, I’m not sure anything will come from them but at least my name and resume are getting out there.

That’s all I have time for today, but remember to keep planning and enjoy what you do and everything you eat.

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