consolidating for closure

I have been consumed by school and work for what seems like months. I’m certain Carver would agree. But now I find myself at a crossroads in which all the options are foreign.  In exactly six days I will be graduating from college. In ten days Carver and I will have packed up our lives and hit the road, heading southwest. These two facts have not entirely sunk in as of yet. I thought the first would be real once I turned in my final, but that was two days ago and no such luck. Maybe when grades are posted or when I’m turning my tassel. I suspect it won’t be until shortly after we get to Arizona. And what happens next?

Well, I’m not sure. Yes that’s right… We don’t have solid plans beyond where we will stay in the interim. So much for my love of routines and schedules. The general routine Carver and I have had for the past 2 1/2 years is disappearing faster than I can catch it. This is a very exciting time for us but a very emotional time for me. I have made many friends here in Boston and really grown into myself. I know the city, I know the sounds our apartment makes, I know the people on the bus… There was a time, not too long ago that I would have been relieved to start over and get away but now I just wish I had more time to build stronger friendships.

In any case we are taking the next step and  I will have the opportunity to make new friends and enjoy our engagement. Also we have the ability to create a routine with more fun and less stress. So the coming days and months will include more blogging and new challenges. First up is consolidating the STUFF we have accumulated over the past few years. I’ve started that process, but will need another day or two – luckily trash day is Tuesday 🙂 . Other topics I anticipate addressing in the next 10 days: eating on the road, how to eat healthy through stressful situations, and meal planning tips.

 My favorite part of spring….


One Comment on “consolidating for closure”

  1. Elise Tofias Phillips says:

    Hi Courtney!

    Best of luck – congratulations on your graduation! What a wonderful accomplishment. And remember your e-mail and cell phone and Carver and all the people that love you will be the constant routine you can rely on. Keep in touch, take care, and best of luck, Elise

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