No need to be coy Roy

Well, we have packed up our tiny one bedroom apartment into a trailer and bed of Carver’s truck. We have turned in our keys and done the last load of laundry. We said our goodbyes. So now we have to go. We have committed- no turning back now. In case you wondered, the drive from Boston to Phoenix is about 36 hours. So we are in for quite an adventure. I haven’t been in a car for that long in my adult life. And it’s the first really big trip for Carver and I.
Even short road trips can derail a diet, so I wanted to be sure we handled this trip the right way. So we have lots of foodstuffs loaded in the truck. We decided that we would stay somewhere we could get a free breakfast, make lunches on the road and eat out for dinner. In our cooler: Greek yogurts, diet soda, bottled water, two types of deli meat, mayo, mustard, reduced-fat sliced cheese, lettuce, low calorie bread, carrots, raspberries, celery jearts and chocolates. The dry goods: baked chips, pre-portioned trail mix, plain doughnuts (our treat), crackers, bananas, and apples. We also opted for a hotel with a gym which allows me to keep sane (36 hours as a passenger could be quite boring) and active.

So off we go… To get ourselves free.







3 Comments on “No need to be coy Roy”

  1. You go girl! All the best … xx Jen

  2. Elise Phillips says:

    have a great trip courtney! Stay in touch , xoxox Elise

  3. Cecelia McManus says:

    Happy trails Courtney. Enjoy your adventure and be safe. I look forward to your updates.

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