alarm-free zone

Can you believe we got to Phoenix a week ago today?! I certainly can’t. I am also amazed at how much we have accomplished in such a short span of time. In seven days we have accomplished what it takes some people 30 days… For example we have registered the truck, got driver’s licenses, unpacked (to the greatest extent possible), we’ve cleaned and organized, we joined the gym (and have worked out twice). And we even took a day off. Sadly I hadn’t baked in over 2 weeks and before today I had only cooked once since the day before we left Boston.

So what have we filled our days with if not in our tiny kitchen? Well, lots of different things. Merlin, one of our new roommates, has enjoyed our company as it means daily walks. Cooper, another of our roommates, appreciates being fed a mid-afternoon snack and trying to sneak in our room. I’ve also taken my first two yoga classes which were pretty cool. We have spent a few hours at the gym. Made several emergency trips to the grocery store for one of my staples, bananas. We have started potentially dangerous addiction to pretzel M&M’s (5 points for 17 M&M’s… worth it some days but other days it’s just dangerous). We have gotten used to being productive without having to worry about work, I’m afraid by the time we start our jobs we may have forgotten the purpose of work. We finished and mailed out our wedding website. We secured a block of hotel rooms for our wedding guests. I built a notebook of magazine clippings and our contracts for the big day. And there may have been sleep involved… And sleep without alarms.

I think the lack of alarms is the most alarming to me. If you’ve spent more than 20 minutes with me in the past you have undoubtedly heard one of my alarms go off or seen me shuffling through my planner. For this week I have been sans planner or iCal, sort of – basically I’m carrying them around but I have very little written in them and find myself able to make it through the day without my reminders for what’s next. I was unsure of how people live without lists and plans and time frames, but as you can see (read) I am surviving. I must say that as soon as our schedule picks up or I get a hint that it may I will be back to my typical planning, but for now it’s a nice break.

I have, however, been tracking rigorously. With the exception of our day of relaxation, I have seriously journaled food and activity for the past 3 days. I will probably hit a meeting late next week. I forced myself to have a reality check with the scale a couple days ago. This little date took me a good 4 days because I was terrified what 4 days on the road had done, but I was relieved to find my weight unchanged. Who knows maybe the lack of alarms and to do lists relaxed my body  – if not my mind.

Today after the gym and a trip to the store for bananas and other less important items I had some quality time with a mixer and the oven. Yes, butter was involved and it was less than glorious but I did breathe a sigh of relief as took the last sheet of cookies from the oven. I made chocolate chip cookies – the recipe on the back of the Ghiradelli chips but subbed 1/2 applesauce, raw cane sugar for brown sugar and guesstimated the flour amount. It was not my favorite recipe (no one comes close to Martha’s), but it did the trick. And I managed to not injure myself which is more than I can say for earlier this week; a baking sheet in the oven at 425 for 20 minutes gives you quite the blister. I also made dinner this evening – fajitas. We are exhausted at the moment, but tomorrow we have a big date planned. It will be my first (real) off-roading trip so hopefully I will have good photos to share.

xoxo from Scottsdale


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