more photos less words

So it’s week two of our time in Arizona, day 11 to be exact. Eleven days doesn’t really seem right depending on the day or hour it feels like we’ve been here more or less than that. We have settled in to a bit of routine now and I expect we have another week or so before the routine changes again. Our days start as they did in Boston, with a cup of coffee and breakfast while watching the news. After about an hour I work on some little project on my to-do list, today I added my wedding projects to my planner. Then after a little procrastination we hit the gym. Since May 29 I have taken 3 yoga classes and logged over 4 hours of gym time. All that activity gave me 15 Activity Points – first time in a long time I have earned that many in a solid week. After the gym we come home and make lunch – today was 1/2 chicken sandwich with spinach. After lunch we are off again running errands and cleaning the house. Then it’s dinner time! Tonight we are making a citrus-grilled chicken with roasted asparagus and a side of warm naan. Maybe some fruit and ice cream for dessert? Sounds like the perfect ending to a relaxing and productive day.


Here are a few photos from the past few days:












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