wednesday on thursday

As I was working on my wedding stuff this morning I realized I went to bed without blogging last night. And what a shame because I took lots of photos of our day. Anyhow better a day late than never.

As I was leaving our room yesterday morning this is what I saw. Actually he was sitting down, but I took too long to snap the photo so he got impatient.

First order of business was breakfast: we split a Black Cherry Chobani (2pts each), had a cup of coffee, a big pile of red cherries and one slice of toast each with a smear of Smart Balance and blackberry jam (3pts each).


Then we took Merlin on a walk. He loves his walks and we love seeing all the wildlife. You could never take a sight/scent hound on this walk … sensory overload!


After the walk we went home and worked on our lists for the day: errands, to do, groceries, etc. We lounged a bit and had lunch before hitting the road.

For lunch I heated up some butternut squash soup and made Carver a turkey sandwich and I had a piece of toast.

On yesterday’s agenda was: bank, pick up dry cleaning, grocery store (chili and cornbread ingredients), and target (grill tools for Thursday dinner and candy). At target I found these really cool new treats. I have been eating more pretzel M&M’s than I care to report so I needed to find something that was fewer points and not in a bottomless bag. So I found these. 2 pts per bag and so delicious!! (A much better deal than 17 pretzel m&m’s for 5pts)

The early afternoon lounging took up more time than I realized because by the time we got home I had to start dinner if I wanted to eat before yoga. So I set to work and made a somewhat healthier version of Ina’s jalapeño cheese cornbread. And what goes with cornbread? Chili. So I made a batch of Carver’s turkey chili, 3pts/cup.


After a quick change and clean up I was ready for yoga. After an hour of yoga I was a ball of stress.. Yes, I know I did this backwards but sometimes I do things in my own way. So we watched the new episode of White Collar and I read a book until I had calmed down. I am about halfway through my second book in the past 7 days. Neither are great but they are filling the time so I am grateful for that.

Oh yah.. the Sox and the B’s kicked major butt last night. Always feels good.


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