I cannot believe it has been a week since we last caught up! I wish I could say it was a crazy week and I was too busy but that would only be partially true. It was a crazy week, but the lack of writing was because I was still processing.
Last week I had a few interviews with the Children’s Hospital here in Phoenix, the 3-5 I have had for this one position. At the end of the week I was offered the position and given a start date. I am very excited to start my new job and to learn lots of new things.
Over breakfast this morning I am pondering my new life here- considering what I want my schedule to look like and what I want my weeks to be filled with. At the current moment I don’t have much autonomy which is a big change. Last night I did a mock up schedule consisting of an early morning walk, blogging over meals, and gym sessions each day. Other than that and some reading I am at a loss. I won’t have a car in the immediate future, so I think there will be a lot of reading and baking. Hopefully you won’t get bored with my cooking, baking and blogging.
Today’s breakfast: scrambled eggs with cheese and pico de gallo, toast w/ margarine and jam and a V8.



One Comment on “damme”

  1. Elise Phillips says:

    Hi Courtney- what is your new job? Can’t wait to hear- email me!

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