this and that

Oh the things I said to the coffeemaker this morning… None of which were very nice. I’m surprised it still worked. Day two with a 4:50 AM alarm was a lot more difficult than day one… Yesterday I got up as if it had been my routine for months, but not today. Today we fought the alarm clock until nearly 5:10. But anyways, we got up and Carver got to work and I accomplished most of my projects for the day.

I have been doing more work on the wedding this week. It’s strange, each day I feel as though I have accomplished a great deal until I realize how much more there is to do. Luckily I will be too busy soon to obsessive over the details for much longer. I have undertaken a fairly large project for this blog – adding complete nutritional information. In addition I am going to add in other recipes from last year. I anticipate this will make the recipes more helpful for readers. This is a massive project because it requires entering all ingredients and recipe details into an internet database one at a time. I hope to get them done in the next two weeks, which is ambitious but I have the time so hopefully I will feel super productive 🙂

I’ll leave you with a snapshot of Merlin.

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