Must-Haves for a Blissful Kitchen: Cooking Edition

This selection of must-haves is great for easy weeknight dinners, special date nights, or even throwing an impromptu dinner party. Whether you want to go Italian, Asian or completely American you will find it here. Using a little creativity and the other Must-Have lists, you can turn up the volume on any dish.

Artichoke Hearts Capers Aborio rice Mixed Nuts
Broccoli Florets Dijon Mustard All-Purpose Flour Olive Oil
Chopped Onion Egg Substitute Anchovies Onion
Fish Fillets Eggs Black Peppercorns Quinoa
Frozen shrimp/scallops FF/LF Cheese Canned Tomatoes Rice
Green Beans FF/LF Milk Chutney Roasted Red Peppers
Ground Beef FF/LF Spreads (cream cheese) Cinnamon Salsa
Ground Turkey Ketchup Cornmeal Sea Salt
Lean Cuisine or Smart One Meals Lemon Couscous Spaghetti Sauce
Peas Lettuce, variety Crackers – assortment Stock/Broth
Vegetable Blends LF Mayonnaise Cumin Vegetable Oil
Veggie Burgers Minced Garlic Dried Fruit – variety Vinegar – variety
Teriyaki Olives Carrots & Celery Lean poultry (not ground)
Unsalted Butter Parmegiano-Reggiano Cheese Dry Whole Wheat Pasta Sugar Substitute
Rustic whole grain bread Pesto Beans Cooking Spray
Worcestershire Pickles Honey Kosher Salt
Yeast Seltzer Hot Sauce Soy Sauce

2 Comments on “Must-Haves for a Blissful Kitchen: Cooking Edition”

  1. ladyflash says:

    Have you been to Penzey’s yet? It’s on Tatum/Shea. Awesome store for cooking and baking spices. You would have a ball in there. 🙂

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