I’ve missed you

I need a bloody mary. STAT. Then maybe a nap and maybe after that I will be up for the gym. But right now, it is barely 9AM at the temperature is nearly 90 degrees and the humidity is over 50%. Reality check – Southie is one degree cooler and only has 41% humidity, oh and they have a breeze. It’s pretty gross out here. The past two weeks of my solitary confinement I have spent the mornings and evenings getting all of my exercise in and anything which requires me to be outside. The rest of the day I am cooped up either reading, or on my computer working, or studying. Oh yes that’s right I said studying. I bought a study guide for a board exam I plan to take, no date yet. I did pretty well on the portion of the practice exam I took, but reviewing their study guide makes me a little queasy. So for the time being I am hacking away at it, bit by bit. Otherwise my projects have consisted of non-food things: dealing with student loans, cleaning, laundry, unpacking, organizing, etc. I did have a pretty insane weekend, and this led to an atypical Tuesday: up at 5 for lunches and breakfast, took Merlin for a walk around 6, had a cup of coffee, went back to bed and slept until 10:45. I must say that additional sleep was glorious. What did I do Sunday and Monday that made me so exhausted you ask? Well I will tell you… I cooked and baked enough to fill a fridge and freezer: 6 smoothies, 1 loaf of bread, 2 flank steaks, chipotle marinade, 2 chicken breasts, couscous salad, cilantro-lime rice, baked pinto beans, oatmeal raisin cookies… I’m sure that I am missing something but at the moment it escapes me. So while all this work is making my 5AM lunch prep much easier, I was exhausted after it. I will be evaluating my game plan today/tomorrow so that I can enjoy my weekend. Very exciting this weekend is a special visit from one of my dearest friends. We have not seen each other since before the engagement and as such will probably spend the weekend gabbing about dresses, shoes, gifts, the ring, etc. Chances are this will all be done over an enormous cup of coffee and some kind of treat… I know, you’re jealous. I would be too if they weren’t my plans.

Later this afternoon I will share the earth-shattering thing that happened this week which prompted my 16+ hours in the kitchen last weekend.


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