Cat is out of the box

Last night was rough. I couldn’t fall asleep and when I did I tossed and turned all night. I also had my first wedding nightmare- glad that’s over with. So today got going a little later than I had intended, what with my mandatory catch-up nap and all.
I realized last night amid the tossing and turning that I promised some earth shattering news yesterday and never delivered – will you ever forgive me? Hopefully yes. So anyways this news that has me all riled up is about lunches. Mainly Carver’s lunches this week- no sandwiches, all salads! Amazing!! And what’s even better is he enjoyed them! Basically I made homemade chipotle ingredients and the couscous salad along with some sautéed and broiled protein and just assembled each morning. It was great, because he really enjoyed it, it kept him full, and it is really good for him.
The couscous salad recipe can be found on the recipes page. The chipotle recipes I got from and honestly I wasn’t thrilled with the amount of effort they required given the end product. So check it out if you would like, I plan on doing more research to find a better, easier option- which I will share once I find it.
Today I was planning on studying for my boards, cleaning and doing more work on this website, but those plans have changed. Instead I will be working on par sheets and trying to set up a meal plan for 2.5 people on a budget. The other challenge is that next week I start my (awesome, amazing, exciting) new job and thus will not be home all day to slave over the stove. Ahhh challenges.
I think I need a cup of coffee before I take this one head-on.

Happy Friday all!!

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