What do you mean I haven’t posted in 9 days? That can’t be possible – I just wrote the other day. Oh wait no… that’s true it has been awhile since our last chat. My apologies. We seem to be, Carver and I, in this limbo of sorts. Our minds have committed to new desired routines but our bodies and our energy level are lagging behind. For me it is more cognition related while for Carver it is his body which does not want to cooperate. I cannot seem to get my PM routine right, either I forget which gym my class is at or I forget shoes or I get so distracted that I end up driving aimlessly through the city. My adventure-seeking future husband managed to fall on his collar bone. Yep it’s impressive. So for all intents and purposes he has been benched. Hopefully this weekend he can start working out again, a nice casual workout though.

I have had many meals in the 9-day period since we last spoke, and about as many highs/lows. What I keep coming back to, my happy thought if you will, is a bar snack I had during a lunch last week. Sweet potato fries coated in cinnamon sugar served with what I can only describe as a lemon aioli. I am not certain it really is a lemon aioli, but in my mind that is how it was filed. This was such a refreshing treat. Sweet and tart and crispy. Unfortunately it was lunch on a work day so I couldn’t wash them down with a beer, but Carver and I will have to return and test with accompaniments. Yesterday morning the radio gods must have known I needed a little help because they played Benny and the Jets during my morning commute. It is possibly my favorite song, and always puts a smile on my face – this was very helpful considering how the previous day ended.

Carver and I did meet up with one of my very good friends, and bridesmaid, for a laugh fest with dinner and beers. Our poor waitress felt like she was interrupting something every time she visited our table – which she was. Some inside joke or story that left the three of us in stitches – maybe one day we can catch up not in public, then no one is offended. Interestingly enough we had a similar experience while looking at bridesmaid dresses, though it was another of my bridesmaids. There are never enough of those days.

For now I am trying to wrap my brain around the idea that kids get sick, I’m making progress but I still have a ways to go. I’m also brainstorming for my upcoming business trip. Yeah, I’m part of the working world again. Utah for the majority of the week and I will have my various devices with me so keep your eyes open for UT posts. Another exciting bit of work news – Washington DC in Sept. Three cheers for mixing things up.


One Comment on “update”

  1. Public offense is just in our nature. Love love love the post and hoping the two of you can get back in a routine. Mine is lacking as well…

    Buh.. buh.. buh.. Benny and the Jetssssssss

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