trick’s on me

So as I mentioned last week I am in Utah for work. Silly me I thought this would be a fun casual experience. Well I should have known it wouldn’t be a walk in the park. I feel I may need a vacation from my week away. We are up in Park City, Utah, discussing therapeutic hypothermia and pediatric cardiac arrest. I am fairly certain you don’t want any more information on the subject material so let’s move on. The week has consisted of take out meals and long days, lots of lectures and rather dry discussions. Although this has not been the most exciting week, I have gotten lots of great information and slides to bring home and refer to.

The nights have been lonely and the time outside of meetings has been lacking. Yesterday I went down to Main Street with a group of attendees, walked around the shops which were very cute and had some dinner (white pizza w/ tomatoes and a mixed green salad). I’d love to come back and visit with Carver. The town is very nice, though as with any resort town it is fairly expensive. I’m sure if we came up in the future we would need to plan food cooking and meals, but with such a beautiful backdrop it would be worth it.


one of the beautiful views


lunch #1


the housekeeper set him up



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