Vanity & Levity

It is my last night here in Park City and my last night alone for a few weeks. As a send off the conference put on a nice dinner which we enjoyed outside. The meals were very good, though I have missed cooking and eating food I cooked myself.
Over the past few weeks I have spent some of my free time reading John Adams, by David McCullough. Normally the only books that take me longer than 2 weeks are textbooks, but this one might as well be. It is very interesting but also very dense in facts and anecdotes. I must admit I did not pick the book out of a love for JA, more than a need to read something new. I have read books by DM before and always found them intriguing and well-written so I knew it would be a good choice. In reading DM has endeared JA to me many times over, and Mrs. Adams as well. There have been several quotes which struck me and stayed with me though I will only share one. It encapsulates a large portion of my feelings on writing to you all, “And how, after all, did one write about one’s self… What must I say of my own vanity and levity? How am I to account for so many impulsive, tactless, ill-considered things I have said/done down the years.”
Just another reminder that even great men have fears, insecurities and need encouragement.

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