Need a plan?

Well you are in luck! I have one for you. A whole week plotted out. Recipes, grocery list, some basic exercise goals, and a place to log any prep work you may want to do.

Planning is, in my opinion, the most important thing you can do aside from completing what ever you may be planning for. To have a successful plan it must be thorough, realistic and flexible. What I have put together here is all of those things. It includes all major meals, plus two snacks daily and exercise goals. The exercise is a key part because it is not possible to be truly healthy without being physically active.

The plan adapts easily to the number of people you are feeding. Right now it is set at 2 people for breakfast, lunch and snacks and recipes for 4 for dinner.

Sept 5 Meal Plan

Shopping List

You are ready to go! And just out of curiosity….


2 Comments on “Need a plan?”

  1. JUAN R. GONZALEZ says:

    Thanks Courtney
    Would you please have some Mexican Recipes to Share??
    will be fabuloso to have some recipes with Mexican flavor
    like chilaquiles or fish tacos?


    Juan R. Gonzalez

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