being resourceful

Are you? Resourceful that is. How are you resourceful: with funds, foods, at work, at home?
My fiancé believes I spend too much time researching ways to improve the status quo. I think his take on the situation is that the energy isn’t always being used efficiently. How can that be I wonder- I’m trying to be more efficient and productive. You mean spending hours reading how other people get things accomplished or navigate sticky issues isn’t as effective as just dealing with it in my own way?! Hmm
I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. I do spend more time planning than doing sometimes. Can you blame me?! Who wouldn’t love to create order (though sometimes just in theory)? Again, my fiancé tells me I may be slightly off base here. The upside is I could use my love of planning to help those who are organizationally challenged. The wheels in my brain are spinning… Stay tuned for my pending stroke of genius


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