Oh yes I did

I dare you to ask me what I had for dinner tonight. I doubt you’d believe me if I told you. Well lucky for you there is no photographic proof- so maybe it didn’t really happen.
The girl with a degree in nutrition, a (newly earned) nutrition credential and a food blog would never… Oh but I did. I had a dinner few would consider, but when it’s less than 60 minutes before bedtime and you haven’t eaten a girl gets desperate. So I guess now that I’ve built it up I should tell you. I stood in the kitchen and ate a cranberry orange muffin (see previous post), 1 tablespoon of peanut butter (from the container), 1 medium-large banana and 1/2 cup of milk. Yah. Didn’t even sit down at the table. I will say that it could have been worse. I’m actually more embarrassed that I didn’t at least make it look like a meal and sit down to eat. No soup and baguette, no fatty fish with broccoli and whole grains. Nope. However I did wrangle 1/2 dairy serving, 1 fat serving, a whole grain and 1 1/2 fruit servings. I know, it’s shocking. But that is what having a well stocked kitchen can do for you. Make a questionable decision less of a taboo. So on that note – goodnight. Eat responsibly.

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