I know the shame in your defeat

I did a 180 this morning, on the advice of a dear friend. The day started with some bad pants. (Note that I am blaming the pants.) I should have done something about these pants months ago. They were passed down to me and I like the idea of the pants but they aren’t flattering and they do NOTHING good for my self-esteem. Anyways I gave them another try this morning and nearly spiraled out of control. I got by with a little help from my friend. As I was driving to work two things happened (three if you count driving…). One: I got some therapy from Foster the People. Torches is my current cure-all for bad moods or ambivalence. Two: I decided it’s far too easy for things to screw with my day. Last night it was eggs giving it their all. Today those pants. Changes at work over the past few weeks. I’M SO OVER IT!!! I’m sick of letting things like pants and eggs throw a kink in my day. I’m better than that. I know I’m not alone here so if you have that issue too – you are better than that too!

I was working on my meal plan for the week and decided spinach salads with bacon and hardboiled eggs sounded like a nice easy lunch we could both enjoy. One small problem. I’ve never made hard-boiled eggs before. For many years I wouldn’t eat them so why would I make them?! Well I was really nervous about these eggs. Because if I screwed that up, I didn’t have a back up plan (sometimes I work best that way). I did some research and I decided to go with Chocolate and Zucchini on this. And they were a success! I even got requests to have them more often. This morning I was nervously peeling the shell while Carver was laughing at me, “You make souffles and you’re afraid of a hard-boiled egg?” Yah, so.. Maybe I was. Anywho that’s all fixed now. Now that I have delicious, creamy hard-boiled eggs in my arsenal. They were delicious on our salad. Give them a try – they may help you fight the mojo-killer in your life.

I felt the eggs were a perfect example of letting something silly affect my day. This time I won. I showed those eggs who was boss. And when I get home I will either decide to give up on the pants or add them to my pile for the tailor. BUT until the issue is resolved they will not mess with my day.

What will you vow to stand up to today?


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