get by with a little help

I’m not sure if you’ve heard but it is New Year’s Eve. Many people love this time of year the finality of one think juxtaposed against something new and fresh. Recently I have come across a few good articles regarding resolutions – here and here. Resolutions naturally fit between endings and beginnings. We make them when relationships end, when we fall off the wagon, or when we find a new hobby. And then of course there is the most famous – the New Year’s Resolution. Resolutions feel almost like an ultimatum to me. What about you? How do your resolutions feel a month after you make them? I prefer to have a general resolution and lots of goals – some large and lots of smaller ones. For example my resolution for this year is to continue down the path I am on; continue to grow and learn. Some of my goals for the year include to be completely unpacked by June of this year. Another goal is to get in to an internship program this year. Both of these goals have been broken down in to smaller pieces so achieving them is less daunting.
Food is a big topic for resolutions. People want to eat better, healthier. They want to be healthier and be in better shape. Along with this desire to eat and be better people get tripped up. This part can pertain to any goal or resolution. You are resolving to change an action/behavior and if the resolution is not planned well it often is not executed (well). Some people acknowledge this – when they have tried to accomplish a goal or resolution many times before without success. This is when they ask for back up or they outsource. Much like Laura of 168 Hours talks about outsourcing chores, people can also outsource parts of their resolution or goals. For example, you want to get yourself to a healthier weight or to eat a more balanced diet. You have tried in the past to accomplish this goal on your own, but after a few days/weeks/months your motivation has faded and you are back to your old ways. Why not get support and motivation from an outside source? That is what I am going to provide to you. I will be your cheerleader. I will be your best friend and I will dish out tough love when needed. Let’s do this together. Let’s make 2012 the year of accomplished goals. 20111231-220636.jpg

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