I was reminded of something useful this week. Yesterday I tried to implement a ‘Wedding-Free’ day; I called it Wedding-Free Wednesday. It was out of desperation and necessity – my sanity is wearing thin due to wedding-related nonsense. What I was reminded was Murphy’s Law exists and you can’t expect people to read your mind. I may (possibly) have forgotten to give my closest buds a head’s up on this wedding-free request. Murphy’s Law comes in to play because yesterday was the day everyone decided to ask about details. So I’m throwing it out there – The next six Wednesday’s will be my break from all things Wedding. I need it. Carver needs it. So thanks for understanding. I feel better already.

I’ve started two new things since we last chatted: 1. Bikram yoga, 2. Gardening. AND I had an interview with an internship site (fabulous news for those of you who may be wondering). And I also got word that my application for ASU has finally moved to the department for their review. Whew… More waiting but at least we are one step closer to having an answer.

So Bikram – have you tried it? Do you know much about it? Basically it’s the original hot yoga and there is a prescribed routine of 26 postures (read same routine every class at every studio). I had never tried it but have been researching it for at least 4 months. Reading his book, talking to current students, and reading all details for the local studios. I had to mull it over, but I finally committed. The studio I chose had this fantastic deal – 30 days of unlimited classes for $30. I have taken 3 classes so far (fourth will be this evening) and have enjoyed them all. Well the first two were awesome and uncomfortable, the third was just uncomfortable. That was something I had come across in my research but class #3 was my first chance to experience it. It was a lesson in taking care of your body and preparing properly – I didn’t drink enough water in the 24 hours prior to class and I also didn’t eat enough at the right time… Basically I got so busy at work I forgot to eat/drink so when I got home I was famished and ate everything in sight and nearly died in class. Maybe not literally died but at the time I was pretty sure I should have a will.

I should be honest about that garden too. I do have one plant, it’s a tomato plant I bought at Costco on Sunday. It’s beautiful and has some nice blossoms already. It’s still in the pot though. My plot of land isn’t quite ready for it to be planted yet. Luckily this guy should do just find in the pot for the next couple weeks. Here is his first close up.

Last night I made us a special treat of pasta with tomatoes and ricotta which was very easy and delicious.



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  1. Hannah Bliss Hough says:

    Wedding-Free Wednesday….Brilliant!

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