In the dark with my cold banana

I find myself eating in the near-dark this morning, going over the long list of projects I could spend the day doing. And then I realized it was a work day and thus I would spend the day working on other people’s projects, not my own. Well maybe since I am up and heading to work so early, I will be able to sneak in some personal projects this afternoon. Maybe more time organizing the office? And writing up a fabulous recipe to share? Hopefully purchasing the last bit of clothing for the wedding weekend.
I am also reflecting on my perceived failures over the past months. I knew I’d be busy so I did my research. Tried to find the best method to keep me sane and productive. I have felt like I failure on this subject for quite some time. Today, in the dark with my breakfast, I no longer believe I failed. I think I didn’t personalize the methods to fit my needs and our needs as a couple. Now I will create something, based on what I have learned from the experts, and make something that works for us and doesn’t make me feel crummy. I can do this.
Breakfast was nearly a home run. A slixe of toast with just a bit of butter, almond butter and honey. A cup of coffee and water to wash it down. And a banana on the side. Oh yah, about the banana… It was cold and not awesome. 😦 I put them in the fridge to keep them from ripening beyond the point that I like them. Lesson learned- take the banana out of the fridge the night before you want to eat it.

In three weeks Carver and I will be leaving for our wedding. It’s boot camp time. Drink your water, two a day exercises, getting to sleep on time, and getting $h!+ done. And of course eat deliciously healthy food.


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