Coming and going

So there I was huddled in my closet staring at my clothing, wishing I didn’t have people coming over- wishing I could put on pajamas and go to bed. Or maybe, if I was feeling adventurous, watch some reruns on the couch.
But we had plans. People were coming over. Dinner had to be made. So I did what any other woman would- try on 5 different outfits, hate all of them and put the first one back on. I faked a happy face and turned my mood around.
Easter dinner was tasty- roast pork, risotto primavera and pudding with berries for dessert.
Since then I’ve managed to get a cold and last night a dog showed up at the house. A puppy that has somehow gotten separated from his family. He’s very handsome but he is a puppy (read: not potty trained and he wants to put everything in his mouth). I made him breakfast this morning, scrambled eggs and American cheese, which he devoured. My breakfast was a nonfat latte and a banana. I’m taking my car in for routine maintenance because we need to make it to Las Vegas safe and sound. Also on the agenda for the day is cleaning and cooking and shopping. Oh and packing.





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