Keep lunch interesting, part I

I get bored sometimes and need some motivation and inspiration. Lunches are often where this boredom shows. The same thing everyday, or I don’t pack them because the thought makes me want to cry. This week I managed to get lunches made everyday with only one hiccup- yesterday’s muffins. They may have been (probably were) put away stale… Oops.
On Monday while Carver and I were brainstorming meals for the week he came up with two good lunch options. One we used this week and the other will be next weeks- turkey sandwiches and couscous salad.
For the turkey sandwiches I knew we had to spruce them up a bit to keep healthy and interesting. To do this here’s what I used-
1. Light whole wheat bread
2. I substituted guacamole for the mayo/mustard- this avoids the greasy taste and added some healthy omega oils
3. Spinach and tomatoes for added vitamins and minerals
4. Lean deli turkey- go with Boar’s Head or another ‘heart healthy’ option. Look for the American Heart Association’s heart stamp of approval

Assemble and Enjoy!



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