Easy Meals

My go-to meals. Keeping these ‘menu items’ on hand will keep you on track and save time. These options offer a balance of nutrients, textures and colors – boring food is no fun!

Breakfast: Point Plus 5 or fewer

  1. 1c plain oatmeal, 1/2c skim milk, 1T chopped nuts, 1 fruit serving
  2. 1 light English muffin, 1/2c skim milk, 1T jam, 1 fruit serving
  3. 1 light English muffin, 3 egg whites, ½ slice low-fat cheese, veggies
  4. 1 piece/serving of fruit, 1 slice high-fiber toast, 2t peanut butter
  5. Breakfast sandwich: whole grain english muffin, 3 egg whites (scrambled), 1/2 slice reduced fat cheese, spinach and tomato
  6. Smoothie: 1/2c plain non-fat greek yogurt, 1 small banana, 1/2c fruit juice, 4-6 berries, ice cubes
  7. 1c plain non-fat greek yogurt, 1t honey, 2t nuts, handful berries

Lunch: Points Plus 8 or fewer

  1. ½ c whole wheat pasta, 1/2c veggies, ½ oz cheese, 2t oil, 2 oz cookies
  2. 1 slice whole wheat bread, ½ slice cheese, 2oz deli meat, raw veggies, ¾ oz pretzels
  3. 1 large potato, ½ c salsa, ½ slice low-fat cheese, salad w/ 1t oil

Dinner: Points Plus 11 or fewer

  1. 1 light hamburger roll, 3oz ground turkey, 1 slice low-fat cheese, 1c steamed veggies, 1t oil/butter
  2. 1c whole wheat pasta, 3oz chicken breast, ½ c marinara, 1/2c spinach, 1 slice low-fat cheese
  3. 1c brown rice, 3oz lean fish, 1c steamed veggies

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